One concerned father is hoping that his innovation can help save children all over the world from a very simple danger.

With a plethora of pools being opened up in people’s backyards for the summer, Lee Kambar of Phoenix, Arizona has designed a drone that could act as an extra set of eyes to prevent potential drownings.

The Morningstar SOS is a drone with two built-in, 360-degree cameras that can survey the activity on top and underneath a pool’s surface. If the device senses that someone is in or around the pool when they shouldn’t be, it sends a picture and notification to the homeowners.

If the situation turns out to be an emergency, then homeowners immediately have the option to pass on the information to local rescue workers.

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When responding to a drowning person, every second counts – which is why emergency crews are already hailing Kambar’s invention as a potential life-saver.

“We’ve been saying for years as a fire department that every second counts in these situations,” Captain Jack Van Hook with the Phoenix Fire Department told KPHO.

Kambar hopes that the drones, which will be on sale via the Morningstar website by the end of the year, will help other concerned fathers keep their children safe during the summers to come.

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  1. Might be a great idea if the gadget also made a warning noise ? Otherwise this is only any good if someone reads their emails/messages or has their phone in their hand – as many checks as you set up there are always ways they will fail to catch the problem. However hopefully this will save lives. it’s so terrible to read about kids drowning in pools – even when parents are nearby, you cannot watch kids every second unless they are physically in your arms ! Sometimes I think about my 4 kids when they were small & the mischief they got up to & remember that feeling of dread in realizing what ‘almost’ happened !

  2. It occurs to me that an even more valuable extension of this concept can be made. It should be possible to design a drone large enough to carry an intertube flotation device that can be inflated by electronic command after it hits the water close to its target. This would of great help to lifeguards and in man overboard situations by getting aid to victims much quicker than by traditional means.

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