These music boxes may be small, but they are having a huge impact on the families who use them.

The Music Memory Box was created as a means of using photographs, objects, and music to help people with dementia to remember their past.

The box is programmed to play certain songs that are associated with the various possessions and photos. When one of the objects is placed in the center of the box, a sensor triggers box’s speakers so that it plays the song that corresponds with the object.

28-year-old designer Chloe Meineck says that her great-grandmother’s experience with dementia served as the inspiration for the box. Whenever Meineck when to visit the senior at her nursing home, the woman always failed to recognize her. Upon hearing certain songs, however, Meineck’s great-grandmother would suddenly begin to recall heartfelt stories from her past.

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Meineck developed the first box in 2011 when she was taking a 3D-printing course at the University of Brighton. After graduating from school one year later, she designed several dozen prototypes to send to families for testing – and they apparently had remarkable results.

74-year-old Monica Garrity told SWNS that she and her husband Steve, who has dementia, began using the box in 2017 as a means of helping him to remember events from their marriage – and they’ve been regularly using the box ever since.

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“We have been able to connect again, it is wonderful,” says Monica. “He doesn’t usually communicate with me but when the music plays, he hums along and even holds out his hand to grab mine. It takes us back to when we got married.”

In addition to receiving dozens of awards for her design, Meineck recently held a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund the manufacturing of the first batch of Music Memory Boxes.

Within two weeks, she was able to raise the necessary funds – and she is now preparing to send out the first batch of pre-ordered boxes.

(WATCH the boxes in action in the heartwarming video below)

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  1. The music memory box is great even for a group activity as shown. A more personal and portable use of music to spark memories is with a LifeSongs book. They are recordable scrapbooks that use the photos you put into 12 pages. You then record 12 favorite songs (or their/your voice). Great for family and caregivers too-help promote communication. Please visit

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