When a boy’s dog chewed up his hearing aid, the young man learned that not only does each replacement cost $3,000, but they also aren’t covered by insurance. Right then, he decided to do something to help people who aren’t as fortunate as he is.

“Other kids don’t get the chance to hear, simply because they can’t afford it?” said Braden Baker, who has worn hearing aids since he was a baby.

Despite being only 10 years-old, he was determined to pay his good fortune forward by raising money to fund a hearing aid for a stranger.

The youngster didn’t just achieve that goal – he did it five times over, collecting $15,000 in two months, which got him named as GoFundMe’s Hero for the month of August.

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With help from the Oticon Hearing Foundation, which reached out to Branden after they learned of his selfless campaign, the boy’s efforts will result in five deaf kids from less fortunate families receiving the gift of hearing.

Last week, Braden and his mom delivered a check for $15,000 to the Foundation and were notified on Thursday that a portion of that money had purchased hearing aid batteries and supplies for deaf people in Houston affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Braden is so proud, telling GNN: “I think the President of Oticon made a smart decision in using the money to help our home state of Texas, especially the hearing-impaired people!”

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One of the young boy’s dreams, as revealed in his GoFundMe video, is to travel the world and help to bring hearing aids to poor people in other nations—and because of this campaign, his wish might be soon fulfilled.

Dr. Kamal Elliot, an audiologist who travels on humanitarian mission trips around the world met the two at Oticon and felt an “instant connection,” according to Branden’s mom, Ashley.

“I’m going to bring you along so you can experience some beautiful hearing smiles and see for yourself what a wonderful and positive impact your work will have.”

Ashley told GNN, “She was very adamant about creating a mission trip that involves Braden and even naming it after him! A mission trip is in the works and being planned… it will happen for sure.”

(WATCH the appeal that started it all) –Photos courtesy of GoFundMe

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