Despite how cataracts are the most common and treatable form of blindness, there are hundreds of thousands of people suffering from the condition in Nepal every day—and that’s why this one doctor has been working tirelessly to restore their vision.

Dr. Sanduk Ruit is an ophthalmologist who has trekked all over Nepal in order to perform cataract surgeries on blind people living in remote areas. With surgical equipment in tow, Ruit has embarked on 7-day hikes solely for the purpose of treating blindness.

Since Ruit first dedicated himself to treating blindness across his home country, he has personally restored vision to over 130,000 people.

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Ruit is also the executive director of the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology, a Kathmandu-based nonprofit that caters to as many as 1 million patients.

According to the eye doctor, about 90% of the world’s blind population is located in Nepal. This is partially because there are fewer eye doctors in countries that are less developed, and also because cataract lenses previously had to be imported from international manufacturers, which upped the cost of the lenses to as much as $300.

Since Ruit and his organization have helped to source cataract lenses locally, however, they now cost just $3 a pop.

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