How this tiny kitten got stuck in the engine block of a $100,000 sports car is still a mystery – but we do know that it’s thanks to these firefighters that he made it out.

David Burch had just bought a brand new 2016 Porsche Cayenne when he started hearing a mysterious meowing emanating from somewhere in his vicinity.

While he was idling in the Galleria Mall parking garage in Fort Lauderdale, Florida he assumed that the sound was coming from outside the car; but then he realized it was coming from under the hood.

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Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue firefighters arrived on the scene and started taking apart the engine compartment bolt by bolt. One hour later, they pulled out a sweet little kitten who was scared, but unharmed.

As they started putting back the engine back together, the cat warmed up to firefighter Eric Fillyaw, who will be bringing the kitten home to his 3-year-old daughter. Eric also took it upon himself to give the sweet little feline a new name: “Porsche”.

(WATCH a video about another group of people who spent hours to rescue a kitty from an engine)

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  1. Very nice–I like cats and have 2 that are sisters. Please be correct tho–It is impossible for a cat to be “inside an engine block” Under the hood there is more plastic than anything else, and they were probably removing plastic covers and such, and did not “put the engine back together”. But it is a good story!

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