Though fortune cookies might be a bunch of mumbo jumbo, one of the Chinese treats recently spurred a Maryland man to win a multi-thousand dollar lottery prize.

Diego Caceres had been enjoying lunch at a Chinese buffet with his brother Diego in Riverdale last month when his fortune cookie told him that it was his lucky day.

After finishing their meal, the siblings stopped by a local 7-11 to buy a soda. Remembering his fortune, Diego borrowed $10 from his brother so he could buy a Power 8s scratchoff ticket.

Even though he had only ever bought an instant lottery ticket once before, he opted for the scratchoff because 8 is the number of his favorite soccer player, midfielder Ricardo Kaká who used to play for São Paulo, Brazil and Real Madrid, Spain. He also just believes 8 to be a lucky number.

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The first scratchoff he ever bought was a bust – but as his luck would have it, his purchase of the lucky ticket won him the top prize of $100,000.

“I have to credit my brother. He loaned me the money,” the 25-year-old told the Maryland Lottery, adding that he will be sharing his winnings with Domingo.

The brothers say that they are considering using their winnings to visit family in Argentina, Guatemala, and Italy – and for the sake of honoring their lucky number, they might use the prize to see some soccer games as well.

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