Syrian refugees fleeing to Germany are in need of basic necessities like food and shelter, but what about having the resources to better assimilate into a foreign-speaking country and rebuild their lives?

That’s why Google just made a $5.3 million grant that will help supply up to 25,000 Chromebooks to asylum-seekers in need.

MOREDonated Laptops Are Flying Right Into Laps of African Entrepreneurs

NetHope, an organization that connects tech companies to nonprofits, teamed up with to create Project Reconnect where groups geared towards aiding Syrians can apply to receive up to 5,000 of the laptops.

“Chromebooks have proven to be a good fit for education purposes. They can be easily set up to run education or language learning apps.” says director Jacquelline Fuller in a statement released on Monday. “And they can be configured and managed by a central administrator (in this case the nonprofits) to offer relevant programs, content and materials depending on the situation.”

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Google has made several contributions to the refugee crisis, including their $5.5 million donation to organizations like Doctors Without Borders, International Rescue Committee, and Save the Children, matching the amount donated by supporters from around the world during a 48-hour period in November.

File photo, which does not show Chromebooks, by Adlogi, CC

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