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The sterile, ornamental fruit trees of San Francisco will be returned to their “roots”, thanks to a group of urban agriculture activists known as the “Guerrilla Grafters”.

The city’s barren population of apple, plum, and pear trees lining parks and street corners will begin to bear new life—and the fruit they produce will be free for all–if grafters get their way.

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Members of Guerrilla Grafters make a simple incision in the tree, splice in a small cutting from a fruit-bearing species, and tape it up. If done correctly, the new branch grows into the tree and eventually starts producing edible fruit.

In total, there are 10,000 public fruit trees throughout San Francisco, which could feed many of the city’s poor.

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The alterations to public trees are technically illegal, and the California city will have to deal with possible rotting fruit.

In any case, the group’s founders want their civil disobedience to bear its own fruit– through added attention given to “food deserts” and hunger in the city.

(WATCH the video below from Fair Companies or READ more at Web Urbanist) Photo: Fair Companies video

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