When this young man wanted new opportunities, he literally went knocking on people’s door until one opened for him.

Reggie Nelson wanted to stand out amongst the crowd and take charge of his own life, so he came up with the perfect strategy: he went to the wealthiest neighborhood in London, knocked on the doors, and asked the occupants for advice and tips on how they amassed their wealth.

His door-to-door mission eventually led him to the home of Quintin Price, the head of Alpha Strategies at the Black Rock equity firm.

Price was struck by the young man’s motivation, so he invited Nelson inside and offered to mentor him at the firm.

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Nelson was so excited for the job, he showed up an hour early the very next day. Two weeks later, Price offered him an internship with the company.

Of the 9,000 applicants for the position, only 115 got in, and 3 of them were black – Nelson was one of them.

Since landing the life-changing opportunity, Nelson has graduated from Kensington University, climbed the corporate ladder at his new firm, and given lectures on how young people can get into the financial sector.

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