10. Girl Hailed for Using Google Translate to Befriend New Student

In this day and age, you don’t have to speak each other’s language to make new friends – you just need a phone. That’s how Amanda Moore befriended a transfer student who wasn’t able to speak English.

Judge-and-Suspect-Childhood-Friends-screenshot-court video

9. WATCH: Suspect Weeps When Judge Remembers Him as “Nicest Kid in Middle School” –It Changed His Life

When a Miami judge recognized a defendant in her courtroom as a childhood friend, the burglary suspect broke down sobbing. Courtroom cameras revealed the moment when Judge Mindy Glazer announced that Arthur Booth had been “the nicest kid in middle school” and they used to play football together.


8. Dying Man’s Last Wish Fulfilled 45 Minutes Before He Passes Away

73-year-old Paddy Lawler has always been a lifelong Manchester United fan – and after a four year battle with prostate cancer, he only held on long enough to meet some of his heroes.


7. Watch Deer Go Limp In Hunter’s Arms When It Realizes It’s Being Rescued

This deer was about to have a heart attack when he saw an advancing man dressed in the dreaded hunting colors of orange and camouflage – but this kind passerby only wanted to help free the creature’s hoof.


6. Subway Passengers Come Together to Prepare Anxious Man For Job Interview

When a nervous man entered a Canadian subway train, his fellow passengers rose to the occasion with fruit boxes and hair ties.

SNOW-experience for African-DigitalLightbox

5. Ex-Homeless Man Gives $10K to High School After 2 Teens Buy Him Ticket Home

The generosity and compassion shown to Wade Herter by a pair of high school boys was never forgotten. Herter was a homeless drifter, freezing and alone in a blizzard three years ago when the two seniors helped him.


4. Grandma Accidentally Invites Stranger to Thanksgiving, Tells Him to Come Anyway

Jamal was sitting in class at Desert Vista High School in Mesa, Arizona when his phone started blowing up with texts from a group chat. One of the texts read “Thanksgiving dinner is at my house on November 24th at 3:00pm. Let me know if you’re coming. Hope to see you all.”


3. Grieving Man Can Sleep Again After Girl Reaches Out in the Grocery Store

Kids are taught in schools not to talk to strangers – but little Norah Woods did the exact opposite and was able to heal a grieving man in need.

Ben Twist -Twitter

2. School Sends Boy With Autism Touching Letter After He Fails Exams

Every child enrolled in school must face the difficulty of passing tests, but for Ben Twist, that difficulty was multiplied by his autism.

So, when the 11-year-old didn’t get the grade that he was hoping for, his assistant headteacher Ruth Clarkson went out of her way to remind him that test scores aren’t everything.

Baby Hospice 3 submitted Cori Salchert

1. Mom Adopts Hospice Babies No One Else Wants

A former nurse has found a new calling — caring for the terminally ill children that no one wants.

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