The staff at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital used to be known for wearing baseball jerseys touting the building’s legendary namesake, but their new uniform has a giggle factor that brings out the best in young patients.

Not only the nurses, but even the parking valet, in this Hollywood, Florida medical center proudly don tutus once a week to make little patients forget their woes.

Nurse in_TuTus_JoeDimaggioHospital_courtesy

The fun started last summer when operating assistant Tony Smith wore a multicolor tutu over his scrubs to entertain a young patient heading to surgery. Before he knew it, a photo of him clad in a zany skirt became a social media hit and “Tutu Tuesdays” was born.

More than 150 employees–from doctors to administrators– waltz weekly down the hallways in colorful tulle. Even Nutmeg the therapy pooch has a custom pink tutu.

“I never knew I would have that much impact. I didn’t expect it to go viral,” Smith told WTVJ.

Where are all of these tutus coming from? They are supplied by the resident clown, of course.

(WATCH Associated Press video below, or READ more from WTVJ)

Photo Credit: Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital

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