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We’ve lived in 15 different cities across the country in our 53 years together, and finally found our home in Buda, a small town on the outskirts of Austin.

The water tower in the town square is emblazoned with the motto, “Breathe Easy Here.” They weren’t kidding. I suffer from a lung condition which has greatly improved since settling in Buda.

This town has managed to maintain it’s small town charm and friendliness, despite the madness that surrounds us. Here, neighbors reach out to help neighbors and anyone else who is in need.

Stories About Buda

A while back, I learned of a young man who had come here looking for work to support his family. He was living in his car, and when his employer (a local company) learned of his situation, he reached out to our community to help. So many people chipped in. This young family was then given a place to live, furnishings, clothing, and just about anything else they could possible need — including toys for the children.

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Then, when my elderly father was here for a visit before he passed away, folks went out of their way to shake his hand and thank him for his service. The local VFW chapter invited him to breakfast, and arranged for him to ride in their 4th of July parade. That meant so much to my Dad, and that is exactly representative of the kind of folks who call Buda home.

Of all of the many places we have lived, none compare to the kindness and caring that we have encountered here. It’s truly a wonderful place to live. And if that isn’t enough, it’s the weiner dog capital of the world. We just had a wonderful Spring festival with Weiner dog races and fun and games for all!

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Share The Sweet Story Of Compassion With Your Friends – Photo by Buda Lions Club Annual Wiener Dog Races Preview 2018

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