Even as the UN removed a virtual wall of sanctions from around Iran this weekend, the Iranian people were busy transforming the actual walls in their country into destinations for clothing the cold and feeding the hungry.

No one is quite sure who started the trend, but “Kindness Walls” are spreading across the country.

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The first ones started with splashes of bright color and bold letters saying “Wall of Kindness” above a row of hooks. Instructions inform people to leave “what you don’t need” and “take if you need” it.

Coats, jeans, dresses, and shoes have appeared on the pegs and hooks — and disappeared whenever the needy find the items they can use.


The trend isn’t just limited to walls; The Guardian reports a shop in Tehran put out a box with a  sign reading, “Bread is free for those who can’t pay,” and Iranians have posted pictures of a “Fridge of Kindness” to feed the hungry set up inside a store.


The idea is catching on outside Iran, too, inspiring similar Kindness Walls in Pakistan and Kurdistan.

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The NGO, Humanitarian Relief Foundation built one in Istanbul, Turkey over the weekend, drawing huge crowds.


Some Iranian charities had found it difficult to import medicine and food during the years of international sanctions set up because of the country’s nuclear weapons program. Lifting those is expected to create a resurgence of the country’s charitable organizations, but Kindness Walls show the Iranian people’s spirit of giving is already strong.

(WATCH the video below from Aparat)


Photos: Humanitarian Relief, Twitter

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