Musician Sean Magee, credit Danny Walters, SWNS.

A flight from Belfast to Lanzarote had a spontaneous folk music performance after a passenger whipped out his fiddle and a stranger started doing a river dance in the Aisle.

The footage was recorded by Danny Walters who was jetting off for a holiday in The Canaries with his wife.

Musician Sean Magee, also on vacation with his wife, asked his pal to “pass him the fiddle” midway through the flight, claims Danny.

Sean then launched into a lively rendition of Las Vegas in the Hills of Donegal, made famous in the 90s by folk group Goats Don’t Shave.

Accompanied by fellow musicians Nathan Carter and Matthew Crampsey, the trio are currently some of the biggest names in Irish folk music.

Video taken from the flight shows fellow passengers laughing, singing, and clapping along, as the plane makes its way to the Canary Islands, with one person even leaping up to do a traditional Irish dance in the aisle.

“Sean had paid to have an extra seat for his fiddle, so he didn’t have to leave it in the hold,” explained Danny.

A passenger dances a jig in the aisle of a Ryanair flight from Belfast as musician Sean Magee plays the fiddle – SWNS

“We got on the plane and the boys were sitting behind us,” said Danny. “About an hour or so in, we heard someone say ‘guys, give us me fiddle over!'”

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In the video, Magee calls out “‘Ave we got anyone from Donegal?” and many of the passengers cheer in return.

“I just happened to be sitting in front, so once I saw the fiddle come out, I brought out my camera. Then it all broke into Las Vegas in the Hills of Donegal; everybody loved it!” he said.

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Magee had some gigs lined up on the island, and Danny was able to go and meet up with the flying fiddler.

“While we were in Lanzarote, a couple of the boys from the plane got gigs, so we went down there for the craic—and they were very good!” he said, using a uniquely Irish term for hanging out at the center of the night’s action.

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