There is nothing ordinary about this little boy’s adorable experience with his musical heroes.

5-year-old Taylor Hooper was just one of the 35,000 people who were attending the Foo Fighters’ concert in Belfast, Northern Ireland last week.

Not only is the American rock group his favorite band, it was also his first ever concert.

Taylor’s mother, Nikki Hooper, says that she and her husband have always been huge fans of the Foo Fighters. In addition to traveling far and wide to see their shows, they even named their son after the drummer, Taylor Hawkins.

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So when the band was due to play in their home city, they decided it was finally time for their son to see their beloved rock and rollers in concert.

“He’s been listening to them since he was born—mainly because me and his dad are massive fans,” Hooper told BBC. “We contacted the event promoters and they said it would be no problem, but that we should be aware it would be a loud music event, so we got Taylor some special headphones. When we got there, everyone was so welcoming to him.”

Throughout the show, concert-goers continuously urged Taylor and his parents to move closer to the stage. Furthermore, Hooper helped her son stand out from the crowd by making him a sign that said he was a 5-year-old attending his first concert.

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When Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl eventually caught sight of the sign and read it aloud into the microphone, the crowd began chanting for them to bring the youngster onto the stage—and that’s exactly what he did.

Upon commanding the stage managers to “bring the wee dude up here”, Grohl asked Taylor to show the crowd how to dance.

The pint-sized rocker then spent the entirety of the song busting out his cutest dance moves, making him an “internet sensation” in the process.

“It was a proud moment for us as parents,” Hooper told BBC. “People say you want to meet your rock legends, but for me personally, nothing will beat this. It was a massive moment and I’m not at all jealous because these memories will stay with Taylor forever.”

Taylor didn’t just walk away from the show with memories, either; the band also invited him backstage to give him a number of gifts, including a pair of Taylor Hawkins’s drumsticks.

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