High school proms are often unforgettable celebrations for teenage students preparing to start the next chapters of their lives – but unfortunately, prom outfits can be pretty pricey.

That’s why the Dallas Public Library started giving away hundreds of free prom dresses to high school students.

For the sixth year in a row, the library hosted their Fairy Tale Closet program at both of their Texas locations during which students were encouraged to hunt through racks upon racks of free, new, and gently-used formal wear that were all donated by local residents and retail outlets.

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This year, the library is also offering a LGBTQ-focused event later this weekend for teenagers who want to feel more comfortable finding their own unique getups.

“I was a little nervous we wouldn’t collect enough dresses for two events, but I’ve been blown away by the generosity of people in Dallas,” said Melissa Dease, the library’s Communications and Youth Services Administrator. “Instead of not enough dresses, I don’t have enough racks to hold them.”

The event not only helps graduating high schoolers to save money for college, but it also helps teenagers to feel more comfortable using the library as an invaluable resource for their academic and personal needs.

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“The Fairy Tale Closet is a way for the library to engage with teenagers and build a relationship among high school students,” says Dease. “This encourages teens to take advantage of the library’s resources and to see the library as a welcoming, safe space in their community.”

This is not the first time that libraries have offered more than books to their patrons. The San Francisco Public Library became the first US library to hire a mental health specialist for their homeless guests – and in just seven years, the social worker helped 800 homeless Californians and found housing for 150.

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Back in August, the New York Public Library started stocking neckties, handbags and accessories so that low-income patrons could check them out for job interviews.

Similarly, the Enoch Pratt Free Library of Baltimore was nominated as one of the Nicest Places in America in recognition of the various services they have offered to the patrons at all 22 of their locations.

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