Not everyone has the fashion resources to look spiffy for an important job interview. That’s why this public library is lending out work attire.

Disadvantaged youngsters and adults who need some nicer rags for formal events can now check out certain accessories from the New York Public Library.

The library is stocked with 17 neckties and 12 different briefcases and handbags. As long as library card holders have less than $15 in fines on their account, they’re free to check out the accessories for up to 3 weeks at a time.

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Additionally, the section is equipped with information sheets, tips, website recommendations, and books on job interviews, professional advice, and career guidance.

Though the library is only stocked with the accessories, there are several nonprofits operating out of New York City that can supply disadvantaged interviewers with blazers, suits, and outfits for job interviews, such as Dress for Success and Career Gear.

Currently, the library’s Grown Up accessory lending program is only running out of the Riverside location in Manhattan, but if proven successful, it may be picked up by other public libraries in the future.

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