When 87-year-old Marie Boyer fell inside her home, she thought she was done for.

After slipping and falling, Marie found herself helpless on the floor of her home, unable to get back up. The doors and windows in her house were closed, so Marie’s calls for help went unheard.

For four whole days, Marie lay on the floor of her home, dehydrated, falling in and out of consciousness, and slowly getting weaker and weaker.

Until her mail carrier, Lisa Sweeney, noticed something was ‘off’ at Marie’s house.

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  1. About two weeks ago, I recommended “Good News Network” to a friend. He raised an eyebrow at the home page. “Looks like a page of click bait.” Well, I managed to convince him this was not so.

    However, these “Little Things” submissions are bordering dangerously close to proving me a liar. I came to “Good News” for good news. Clicking to another site just to read an additional paragraph and video that could have easily been supplied here is, well, click bait.

    A dangerous, slippery slope.

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