This South Carolina man started filming himself with his farm animals with the hopes of making a funny video—but thanks to one of his four-legged friends, the video turned out far better than he ever would have expected.

31-year-old Travis Kinley and his pet donkey Nathan are going viral after they were filmed singing the iconic “Circle of Life” song from The Lion King back in July.

At the request of his friends, Kinley had been preparing to take a video of himself singing the song to his horses.

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After he started singing, however, he was stunned when Nathan started braying along to the tune.

“I got in the pasture, I gather all horses…. I start singing and Nathan starts to bray behind me, and I’m kind of blown away because we never do this together; we never sing together,” Kinley told WTLX. “He keeps going, so I keep going, and all of a sudden I just kind of break down laughing at the end.”

Since uploading the video to social media, it has been viewed millions of times—and it’s not hard to see why.

(WATCH the video below)

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