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In the ultimate pump-up story, a daredevil job seeker landed a new position after jumping out of a plane with a cardboard sign asking for work.

Chris Serrano, a creative director living in Florida, filmed himself skydiving whilst holding a piece of cardboard reading ‘Open4Work.’

He posted the clip on LinkedIn with the caption: “I got laid off last week. So I will be freefalling until I find a new gig—literally.

“If you’re looking for an award-winning creative that works hard, takes risks, and knows how to pack a parachute, reach out,” his post concluded, before going viral and amassing 49,000 likes on the professional social media platform.

Serrano’s post caught the eye of Manchester-based entrepreneur Jack Peagam the Co-founder and CEO of the social app Linkup who responded to the freefalling creative with a job offer.

“I was hoping for the best, but I had no idea this little stunt would go on to be seen by so many people,” Serrano admitted.

But in a twist from the usual email or letter, Peagam responded in kind with a video of himself skydiving with a cardboard sign which read “Hey Chris, sorry 2 see you got laid off. We’ve got work 4 U”.

Fast forward two weeks and the pair of thrill-seekers have released a new video showing Serrano signing a new contract with Peagam’s Manchester-based outfit—after diving out of a plane together.

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“Chris’ job-seeking ad featured everything I love about creative talent—it was bold, daring, and showed him to be one of life’s risk-takers,” said Peagam. “I can’t wait to see how he can help take our thriving app to new heights… maybe into space.”

“When I lost my job, I was a bit nervous as to what could be next, but taking a leap of faith from a plane is sometimes all you can do,” admitted Serrano. “I’ve been blown away by the support from everyone who shared my video.”

Linkup launched in February 2023 with a mission to be the first major real-life social app that connects users to meet new friends with similar interests, hobbies, and passions, in real life.

WATCH them put pen to paper while freefalling on his LinkedIn here…

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