Man loses weight to be Kidney Donor FB PJ Spraggins

Here’s a nifty story about how true love conquers all. This man dropped everything to save his wife’s life — including 70 pounds.

The waiting list for a kidney transplant is seven years, but that was too long for Tracy Spraggins. Without a new kidney, she’d die long before one became available.

Her husband, PJ, turned out to be a rare match and he offered one of his kidneys for transplant, but doctors wouldn’t allow it. PJ’s blood pressure was way to high for him to go through the grueling surgery and recovery.

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Instead of giving up, he effectively went into athletic training for transplant surgery. He stuck to a strict diet and exercised to lose weight and improve his health.

Tracy joined him, and together they lost a total of 145 pounds. His blood pressure came down, they underwent surgery last February, and were back on their bikes (above) by April.

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Tracy’s kidney function was nearly perfect within three months of the transplant — and at a svelte 195 pounds, PJ today is in the best shape of his life.

(Photos: PJ Spraggins, Facebook)

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