Call it a Christmas miracle or just sheer luck, but this 28-year-old man is grateful to be alive after he managed to survive inside of his partially submerged car for five hours.

Emergency rescuers from the California Highway Patrol in Yreka received a dispatch call early one morning last week in regards to an overturned car in the Klamath River.

The car was turned over onto its roof with its 4-way hazard lights on and the interior of the car almost entirely submerged with water.

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The rescue workers managed to tow the car out of the water at about 8AM – but they were stunned to find that the driver was still alive inside.

According to the highway patrol’s Facebook page, Michael Finn told rescuers that he had been driving down the nearby highway at 3:00AM when his car went off the road and into the river. He only managed to survive the 5-hour ordeal thanks to a pocket of air that allowed him to breathe inside of the vehicle.

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Though the highway patrol did not disclose further details about the incident, they said they immediately conducted medical aid on Finn before he was transported by an ambulance to Fairchild Medical Center for exposure to the chilly waters.

“The Yreka CHP would like to remind everyone to slow down during hours of darkness and when roads may be icy,” says the group’s Facebook page.

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