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Though shark attacks on humans are relatively rare, the irresistible shape of a surfer on the water’s surface closely resembles that of a seal to sharks with their terrible eyesight – putting them in the same category as prey.

That’s why this wearable device has just been tested and proven to repel the underwater predators from swimmers.

The Shark Shield Freedom 7TM creates an electric field that causes muscle spasms in the creatures’ body, thus deterring them from approaching any further than about 4.2 feet on average.

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Though the schematic still needs more intensive testing with other species of sharks, it had an almost 100% success rate with great white sharks who have been the culprits behind the majority of shark attacks.

Out of 322 encounters between 41 sharks and a camera with bait and the Freedom 7TM attached, only one great white shark got past the field, and it only proceeded to nudge the bait rather than bite.

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The control study without the device attached showed that sharks would constantly wrap their jaws around the bait without hesitation.

There have already been other shark repelling devices on the market, but none have ever undergone scientific trials and research to make sure that they work in protecting ocean-goers.

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