Paper recycler released Epson

A new office machine eliminates multiple middle-men and lets businesses recycle paper right in their own building.

The Epson combination paper shredder and paper-making machine saves on the cost of hauling paper to a recycling center and buying new paper, and helps the environment by cutting down on the energy and massive amounts of water involved in large scale paper recycling.

The nine-foot by four-foot PaperLab can crank out 14 sheets of brand-new, crisp paper every minute — that’s 6,720 sheets in the course of an eight-hour business day.


A business simply dumps its waste paper into the machine which shreds the sheets and uses a jet of air to “de-ink” the used paper bits. Liquid binders are added to reassemble the shredded fibers into fresh sheets and allow the machine to crank out different colors or styles of paper. Then it uses a pressure process to form individual sheets of paper to custom size and thickness.

The PaperLab goes on sale in Japan this year with sales for other countries planned later. While Epson hasn’t announced the price, people in the industry say it could be close to $75,000.

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Too much for your home office, perhaps, but practical for banks and government offices that shred and recycle huge volumes of paper every day.

Recycling already saves 7,000 gallons of water for every ton of paper manufactured through conventional processes. But the PaperLab uses a dry recycling process — saving up to another 12,000 gallons of water for every ton of paper it creates. And it can crank out a ton of paper every 29 days.

(WATCH the video from Epson below)

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