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A rescue team couldn’t save a man’s life, but they returned to his home to finish the job he’d started so his family would have one less thing to worry about.

Firefighters and paramedics raced to a house in Merrimack, New Hampshire on Wednesday where a man had fallen from his roof while repairing it. The firefighters found him unconscious and treated him for his injuries before rushing him to the hospital.

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The six firefighters became concerned the unfinished roof might allow rain into the structure, so they returned to cover the opening with a tarp.

Once back at the house, after taking a better look, they realized the man had almost completed the repairs — and they decided to finish the job.

Best of all, when neighbors saw what the firefighters were doing, they pitched in with tools and labor. They all worked together into the night to complete the job.

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“Every time we go on a call to a citizen in our community, that’s their worst day,” Merrimack Fire Chief Michael Currier told WMUR News. “When we go out there, we need to make that day better for them.”

(WATCH the video below from WMUR News) — Photo: TheHillaryClark, CC

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