A 13-year-old boy from East China was found guilty of hijacking two seaplanes for a joyride last week—but instead of being punished for his little heist, he may have paved his way towards a career as a pilot.

The teenager reportedly learned how to start the planes after he biked to the Taihu Lake hanger in the Zhejiang province last weekend and watched the pilots doing maintenance repairs on the planes.

He then biked back to the airport in the dead of night and dragged one of the seaplanes onto the tarmac so he could take it for a drive. After he accidentally ran the plane into a guardrail, he hopped into a second aircraft for a few laps around the tarmac before he abandoned his new hot rod and escaped on his bike.

Once police officials consulted the hanger’s security footage and identified the boy, they negotiated the price of a small fine from his family in order to fix the damaged seaplane.

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Hanger employees say that it would have been impossible for the youngster to take the plane into the air without the proper training, but they were still impressed with the boy’s skill.

“We pilots all admired him,” the airport director told the South China Morning Post.

He also told the news outlet that he and the other hanger employees are now trying to take the boy under their wing so they can give him flying lessons and help him become a certified pilot.

(WATCH the video below) – Photo by Asiawire

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