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All Ms. Carroll wanted for her birthday was a cake from the local Oklahoma City Walmart.

But halfway into her trip, she found herself stalled in the middle of the road. The 75-year-old’s motorized wheelchair gave out on her, ruining the only real plan she had for the day.

Or so she thought.

When officers Travis Verneir and Amy Hanson from the Oklahoma City Police Department arrived on the scene, they took her to Walmart in their patrol car and got her the cake. The good deed was posted on Facebook, and, as a result, Ms. Carroll is getting more than just that cake for her birthday.sm-policeman-helps-10k-runner-FB-Daniel_Carlton_Jr

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Police work comes in a lot of different forms. Sometimes it’s about being a servant and helping people to make a difference,” Verneir told KFOR-TV.

People have been leaving cards and gifts for Ms. Carroll at the station, and one wheelchair company has reached out and offered to fix her wheelchair for free.

(WATCH the video below or READ the full story at KFOR-TV)

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