This police officer must have impeccable timing – because he managed to jump on the back of a horse-drawn carriage going 25 miles an hour, thus saving the day.

Sgt. C. Otis Smith and other members of the Ohio State Highway Patrol were called out to Route 250 on Sunday morning for a peculiar reason: a horse-drawn Amish buggy was barreling down the wrong lane without a driver.

As the horse continued dashing down the westbound road, officers feared that the horse would run into the busier highways and cause serious damage – or worse.

The team then got out of their parked squad cars and started waving their hands at the horse, saying “woah!” in hopes of stopping the horse. When they saw that it wasn’t slowing down, however, Smith knew he had to act fast.

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With only a second to act, Smith waited until the carriage passed him so he could jump onto the buggy as it barreled past. Smith then used the reins to ease the horse into stopping.

Though the horse immediately collapsed to the ground in exhaustion, it was later taken to a veterinarian and declared unharmed – it was just tired.

The owner later stated that the horse had run away from its home in Apple Creek, Ohio, galloping almost 10 miles down the highway before being reined in by Officer Smith.

Smith said he had never considered the consequences of how he could have made the wrong move – his only concern was making sure that everyone was safe.

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