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This preschool is all about snacks, naps and rock and roll.

The kids are learning everything from geography to shapes through the head-bobbing music videos they churn out with their teacher.

“We’re like if Bill Nye the Science Guy joined Blink-182 and started singing about trapezoids,” Jarred Geller told MTV News.

Geller came up with the idea because he believes the four-year-olds in his Oklahoma City classes are smarter than people give them credit for. He says most preschools rely on teaching through memorization, but he says the kids “can learn anything that you throw in front of them.”

He’s written eight songs and created videos, like the one below about shapes — all with the typical preschoolers topics, but with fist-pumping refrains.


Geller has a rolled all his videos into program for other teachers to follow called Punk Rock Preschool.

The program also exposes kids to a variety of career fields beyond being a firefighter or cowboy. The music curriculum provides glimpses into 50 potential careers of interest— including rock star.

(WATCH the HooplaHa video and READ more at MTV News) — Photo: Punk Rock Preschool, Video


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