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A young man from Boston recently received a video camera for his birthday and decided to hit the streets to invite a homeless person to lunch to tell their story. The very first man that he met inspired Matthew so much that the youth later surprised him with a bus ticket home—bringing him back into his father’s arms.

Matthew Bilodeau’s debut episode for his YouTube show, “A Bite With…”, features Jason Stevens, a 36 year-old mechanic who decided to go to Los Angeles and follow his dream to work for a prestigious auto parts dealer.

He didn’t get the job, though, and ended up panhandling on L.A. streets

Jason told Matthew about life on the street and recalled the time he had only $7 in his pocket when he ran into another homeless man, and his dog, who looked hungry. Jason gave the man all he had—the seven dollars—sharing with those who had less.

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Through listening to his story, Matthew learned that the man has a passion for cars and keeps a sketch pad handy for drawing engine designs. Before leaving for L.A., the East Texas man had worked for Ross Motorsports in Lufkin where they sell parts for recreational vehicles.

Matthew tells Good News Network he was curious to know more about the man whom he described as “kind and intelligent”. He telephoned Ross Motorsports to inquire about Jason.

Homeless Jason shakes hands with youth-submitted Matthew Bilodeau

“I learned that Jason left home and didn’t tell anyone — he was actually a missing person in Texas.” And there were newspaper headlines to prove it.

The former employer reported that Jason had been “a model employee.”

“Jason’s story showed me that you never know the reason why someone might be homeless. In Jason’s case, he truly wanted to make a better life for himself and find a higher paying job working on cars, only to find out that it wasn’t so easy.”

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Just a few days later, 20-year-old Matthew, who recently moved from Boston, returned to the streets to find Jason—this time with a big surprise, so much more fulfilling than a free lunch.

With the help of his dad who bought the bus ticket, they presented Jason with the chance to return to his father and possibly his job.

He was so excited, exclaiming, “Dude, I get to go back to work!”

Homeless Jason Stevens w bus pass-submitted

“Sending Jason home has been an unforgettable experience,” Matthew wrote via email. “There’s no better feeling in the world than seeing how happy and excited he was to see his dad and to get back to work.”

Jason made it home on Saturday February 25, and has chatted often with Matthew on Facebook. He plans on applying either at his previous job or at the Yamaha Motor Corporation in Grand Prairie.

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“It’s Jason’s dream to go to school at the Universal Technical Institute to one day work on high-end cars such as Ferraris and Lamborghini’s.”

Matthew has spent the past 2 years interacting with and oftentimes making friends with the homeless around him. It wasn’t until he recently got the camera that he decided to document it. He plans to do more such interviews for his YouTube channel.

(WATCH his entertaining video—and the follow-up surprise below)

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