Krissy Mae Cagney spent ten years struggling with her addiction – but now that she has been five years sober, she is helping hundreds more people with their own recovery.

Cagney is the sole owner of the Black Iron Gym in Sparks, Nevada. She founded the facility three years ago as a means of creating a community of people who could support each other and overcome their addiction through exercise and group fitness.

In addition to founding the gym, Cagney also launched the crowdfunded Reps 4 Recovery program.

The initiative offers free gym memberships to anyone who has been in recovery anywhere between 24 hours and five years. Over the course of the last 12 months, Cagney has raised roughly $78,000 through GoFundMe to help finance the program.

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The resulting success has funded more than 100 free memberships for the gym’s recovering members.

“[When I was struggling with addiction], I was put through countless rehabilitation programs and I saw a plethora of therapists and counselors; these methods work well for some people, but something I never had was a safe place where I knew I could be (and stay) sober,” says Cagney. “During my years of using, the gym seemed to be the only thing with the power to pull me away from using.”

“I firmly believe in the notion that fitness and lifting can act as treatment for substance abuse problems. I believe it, because it worked for me and I am a firsthand witness at seeing it work for countless others.”

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  1. Wow. So great. I used to use many kinds of dope, too–and though my Wife was such the lifesaver to me, I completely agree with this concept, which is more than what appears at first glance! The people have been snatched away from the devil’s hooks, and now can thrive towards finding God someday. The Video makes all the difference for me. Thank you!

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