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An Idaho floral designer is putting wedding flowers back to work after the ceremony — something she calls “recycling the love.”

Shawn Chamberlain is celebrating her third year of taking donated nuptial blooms and repurposing them as bouquets for patients in hospices, nursing homes, assisted living facilities.

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It all started one day while she was caring for wildflowers outside of a hospice and saw a young mother through a window. Chamberlain bundled up a quick bouquet and handed it off to a nurse, asking that she take it to the woman to let her know someone was thinking of her.

Thinking of You screenshot Full BloomSo far, her “Full Bloom” project has delivered hundreds of flower arrangements–all anonymously.

She works with brides and their florists or wedding planners to pick up the donations after the ceremony, and recently scored 27 bouquets at a time from a single wedding.

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“That’s 27 patients that are going to have a little sunshine by their beds,” Chamberlain said. “It takes the decorations of a ‘great party’ and turns them into something special again for someone new.”

(WATCH the video below) Photo: Full Bloom video — Story tip from Laetitia De Nys

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