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The White House has unveiled a new solar power initiative that promises to expand solar energy to slow-income communities, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and train people for 75,000 new jobs in the solar industry.

Part of the plan includes installing enough solar panels on federally subsidized housing by 2020 to generate 300 megawatts of power. That’s enough electricity to supply roughly 50,000 homes and, at the same time, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 780,000 tons every year — roughly the same as taking 130,000 cars off the road.Heart-shaped-solar-plant-released-Conergy-Australia-crpd-750pxs

Solar Panels in the Shape of a Heart Will Show Love for the Planet


The ambitious White House program involves state and city governments, dozens of private companies and groups along with federal involvement from the Energy, Agriculture and Housing Departments working together.

Private groups are investing $520 million to help states and cities install solar energy for low and moderate-income housing. Twenty states have also committed to a total of 260 new solar power projects as part of the plan.

Besides low-income neighborhoods, about half of Americans who rent apartments or business space too small to have rooftop solar panels would be eligible for other options to use solar power. These people could buy or lease a portion of a “community shared solar” project — supplying them with solar power generated at a different location.Our keys!

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The plan calls for 75,000 new jobs in the solar industry within the next five years. It would provide job training through Americorps, vocational schools and new programs paid for by the solar industry.

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  1. First let me say that I have not read all the fine print in the details, However… I am totally on board with this plan for solar! ONLY, and ONLY IF the Solar Panels are made in the USA. I say this only for the fact that other countries are the primary provided of solar panels and these countries do NOT have the same Environmental Standards that we have here in the states. What is the point in using alternative energy means, if in MAKING these devices CREATES MORE POLLUTION INTO THE EARTH then what using the solar would save us.

    Like I said – Please use US made and manufactured Solar Panels! It pains my soul to see all these panels go up, and people think that they are doing something great for the environment. Which in their little bubble, in their wallet – they are doing something outstanding. However the amount of pollution that is put off in countries elsewhere, who MAKE these panels – is devastating! Ever wonder WHY the panels you can buy from overseas are cheaper?! It’s because they are trashing the very environment that we are trying to save!

    *soap box rant over* I return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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