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A good Samaritan has volunteered to pay off a former convict’s debt to the court — long after the man had finished paying his debt to society.

Shaunte “Tay” Rowe had been struggling for 11 years to pay off $4,700 in court fees and restitution in Spokane, Washington. After reading a news article about his plight, a stranger paid off the remaining $1,200 owed by Rowe.

It can be hard for an ex-offender to find a steady job, and Rowe has been sent to jail four times because he didn’t have enough money to make payments. While in jail, Rowe can’t earn the money needed to pay off his debt to the court, plus he runs up more fees — with the 12% interest rate.Jonathan Fleming Indigogo

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Jim Moses, an Arizona archaeologist and owner of Antigua Archaeology, LLC, told Good News Network he decided to help immediately after reading about Rowe’s struggle to gain a fresh start.

“The thought of charging released felons 12% interest on their administrative costs is appalling,” he said in an email today. “These people do their time… and then struggle to re-enter the world while laboring under an oppressive interest rate in an era of near 0% interest from the Federal Reserve. It is a horrible practice that must end.”

Moses believes debt is the biggest cause of economic inequality and thought helping Rowe would finally allow him a chance to start a new life.

The archeologist has not spoken or communicated with Mr. Rowe, yet, but said he may try to contact him to say hello.Bryant-Collins-saves-baby-on-road-iphone

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(READ the full story at Aljazeera America)   Story tip: Gal Adam Spinrad – Photo submitted, and Facebook

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  1. Cool story. I would be interested in doing the same kind of thing. I wonder where it would be possible (other than news stories) to get information on folks trying to get out of this kind of debt trap. Any ideas out there? Thanks!

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