Champagne spraying, flapper girls dancing, and people dressed to impress – and the 1940s music isn’t the only thing getting older with age.

The Posh Club is a unique venue that hosts swanky soirees exclusively attended by older folks from all over East London. None of the guests are under the age of 60, except for the volunteers, and the festivities are hosted at 2PM, rather than 2AM.

The Posh Club’s mission is to offer a fun outlet for seniors to meet, socialize, and party – and so far, it has been highly successful. Women wear their best dresses; men wear cravats; volunteers serve high tea and champagne; and there is often an Elvis Impersonator dominating the stage.

All of this fun, however, isn’t just for kicks; the chain of ‘dayclubs’ hopes their social events become recognized as a public health activity.

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Studies show that communal activities amongst older people help to improve cognition and confidence, and is the best way to decrease anxiety and depression. The promoters of the event are roughly six months away from finishing a study showing the positive health effects of the bacchanals. Once the research is complete, the club can secure funding for the future so they can continue hosting many more ladies and gentlemen at the clubs – and the show shall go on.

“What we’re doing is really an anti-loneliness campaign presented as a club event,” Dicky Eaton, the producer of the events, told VICE. “A lot of our guests maybe don’t get out as much as they once did and don’t see friends as often. Well, this provides a unique way to do both, while also being part of something that’s vibrant and exciting.”

“Just because you reach a certain age, doesn’t mean you don’t want to have fun anymore. I think society has a habit of forgetting that. A lot of what we, as younger people, do to enjoy ourselves, they’ve not only seen it and done it all—they invented most of it.”

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