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When 5-year-old Priscilla Perez was being bullied by her classmates, this teacher went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that her young student felt beautiful and appreciated.

31-year-old Shannon Grimm is a kindergarten teacher at Meador Elementary School in Willis, Texas. She first became aware of her student’s predicament when she noticed that Priscilla was quieter and more sad during class.

Priscilla was feeling downtrodden because the other students were making fun of how her new haircut made her “look like a boy”. The youngster was so embarrassed, she started wearing a hat to school every day, and she refused to take it off during class.

Grimm was so heartbroken over Priscilla’s melancholy, she decided to take a stand.

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Upon returning to school after winter break, Grimm’s students were shocked to discover that their teacher had chopped off her waist-length hair so she could get the same haircut as Priscilla.

“I told them, ‘I think I look beautiful. Don’t you think I do?’” Grimm told TODAY Style. “I had to show them boys have long hair like girls and girls have short hair like boys.”

She even bought dozens of matching bows so she and Priscilla could wear the same ribbon to class every day.

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Needless to say, the compassionate gesture had a huge impact on Priscilla.

According to Grimm, Priscilla’s confidence shot through the roof – and the haircut did not just help the youngster’s self-esteem; it also taught her a valuable life lesson.

Priscilla told Grimm: “When I get big like you, I will have friends who will be mean to me, but I will be nice to them just like you.”

(WATCH the heartwarming interview below)

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