This 7-year-old boy was lucky that his elementary school teacher was in the right place at the right time last week – otherwise, his father may have been in big trouble.

Cameron Simoncic, a second-grader at Ellen Woodside Elementary in Greenville, South Carolina, had just returned home from a day of school when he found his dad had fallen unconscious on their kitchen floor.

The episode was a result of his dad’s diabetes, and Cameron knew that he had to call for help.

When he tried to use his father’s phone, however, he got locked out because he did not know the password. Cameron ran to his neighbor’s house, but no one was home.

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The trepidatious youngster then grabbed his bike and started pedaling down the highway in hopes of reaching his grandmother’s house.

Meanwhile, elementary school teacher Keller Sutherland told WSPA that she had been having a lousy day. Upon questioning her career decisions, she had left school earlier than usual and started driving home when she saw a boy riding his bike through traffic.

Her instincts told her to turn her car around and check on the boy – and she was stunned to find that the youngster was actually a former student of hers: Cameron.

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Cameron told Sutherland about his predicament and she did her best to keep him calm. Once paramedics were called to the scene, Cameron gave them directions to his house so they could help his father.

Thanks to emergency responders delivering the necessary injections to Cameron’s dad, his blood sugar levels quickly returned to normal – and Sutherland says the whole experience renewed her faith in her profession.

“There’s no doubt that God placed me where he did when he needed me,” Sutherland told WSPA.

(WATCH the WSPA News coverage below) – Photo by WSPA

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