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When her father was injured and trapped, a teenage girl found a reservoir of superhero strength —and lifted a burning truck, then drove it away from the house to save her house and family.

Charlotte Heffelmire’s dad, Eric, had been under the truck working on its brake lines in Vienna, Virginia when the vehicle slipped off the jack and pinned him beneath the front-end. At the same moment, sparks began shooting up flames.


Eric struggled for 10 minutes but couldn’t free himself until Charlotte happened to walk into the garage. She immediately ran to the front bumper of the burning vehicle and, barefoot and barehanded, tried lifting it off her father.

“I lifted it the first time, he said ‘OK, you almost got it,'” Charlotte Heffelmire says in the video below. On the second try she tapped “some crazy strength,” and was able to lift it high enough to free him and then she dragged him away from the flames. She said it felt like she was lifting a piece of paper.

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She realized the burning truck was still a threat to the house and the rest of the family inside. So she climbed behind the wheel and floored the gas pedal, with just three wheels of support, and steered it into the yard.

Charlotte is recovering from burns to her hands and feet and a back injury and hopes to return soon to school at the U.S. Air Force Academy. The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department has awarded her a Citizen Lifesaving Award for her heroic actions.

(WATCH the video below from WUSA News) – Photo: FOX News video

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