These six upperclassmen took a morning off of their holiday vacation to serve as pallbearers for a man they had never met.

Jerry Wayne Pino was a Vietnam veteran who had died on December 12th at age 70 and had already made arrangements to be buried in Biloxi National Cemetery. The Baton Rouge man, however, died without any family to attend his funeral.

Two of the workers at Riemann Family Funeral Homes, Cathy Warden and Eva Boomer, got the idea to ask Warden’s son Bryce and his friends to be the pallbearers.

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Bryce was reportedly going to be out of town for the Tuesday morning service, but a few texts later, and six students from Long Beach High School rose to the occasion.

“Bryce sent the text and asked them to wear khaki pants, shirts and ties. ‘Let’s do this!’ he told his classmates. Almost immediately, they said yes,” Warden told the Sun Herald.

JT Tripp, Bailey Griffin, Joseph Ebberman, Jake Strong, Kenny McNutt and James Kneiss attended the funeral with Navy honor guards present. After being given the American flag that had been folded over his casket, the teens declared that they would hang it in their high school locker room in Pino’s honor.

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