Tips for Jesus-InstagramAn anonymous patron is leaving a trail of generous gratuities on bar and restaurant tabs across the country, signing each credit-card receipt with the same name as the Instagram account he uses to document his giveaways: @TipsForJesus.

Micah Olson learned about the man Tuesday night only after he left the Phoenix restaurant he co-owns. The mysterious man arrived with a woman and asked Olson, who was working behind the bar, whether he had ever heard of Tips for Jesus.

Olson hadn’t.

“Oh, you’ll hear about it later tonight,” the man laughed — and then proceeded to order several $70 drinks for himself and his friend.

When the man closed his tab, he bought a round of drinks for Olson and his fellow bartender and left a $2,500 tip on his $530 bill.

The mysterious man, who has left overly-generous tips from California to the Pacific Northwest to Chicago, is posting lots of photos with the slogan: “Doing the Lord’s work, one tip at a time.”

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