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If you found an actual treasure chest, would you go in search of its rightful owner? That’s what one Texas man did after discovering a drawer full of jewels, diamonds, pearls, and more in a dresser he bought for just $100 from an estate sale managed by Premier Estate Sales.

“When we were loading it onto the truck, it sounded like a metallic waterfall,” Emil Knoddel told NBC affiliate KRPC-TV.

Knoddel, who is an estate sale enthusiast, found gold, rubies, emeralds, pearls, diamonds, silver, medals from the Civil War, and more in the bottom drawer of the dresser.

Knoddel was determined to get the treasure back to its owners, stating that he would “never feel right about it” if he kept the goods. After contacting Premier Estate Sales, he was able to track down the original owners, who were unaware that the treasure existed. He plans to return the booty on Thursday.

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