Despite how Cale Wrenn had been having trouble during his first few days of high school, a couple of compassionate upperclassmen helped to turn it around.

The 14-year-old freshman had been struggling to make friends at Reidsville High School in North Carolina—and it didn’t help that some of the other students were picking on him for being short.

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Cale expressed his frustration to his older sister Leah Edwards, saying that he had been forced to eat lunch by himself because some kids thought he “was a loser”.

Leah was heartbroken by her brother’s predicament—so she took some screenshots of their text conversation and posted them to Twitter, asking her followers to send messages of reassurance to Cale.


Not only did the youngster receive a slew of encouragement from social media users, Leah’s post also caught the eye of a few high school seniors.

Demontez Canada, who is a member of the football and basketball teams, told WLKY: “We decided to catch [Cale] off guard at lunch and have lunch with him and show him around the school and make sure he was OK and give him new friends.”

True to his word, Demontez—along with several other members of the basketball team and the school’s Boys to Men Club—sat with Cale at lunch and took him under their wing.


Cale was stunned by the students’ kindness, but he says he is incredibly grateful for their intervention.

“It felt really nice to know that there are people who care,” he told the news outlet.

He now hopes that his story will help other bullied kids to keep their chin up and remember that things do get better.


After he and his new friends were interviewed by local reporters, he also made sure to thank his beloved sister for what turned out to be “probably the best experience” of his life.

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