A peppy Cambodian boy became an internet sensation after a tourist filmed him speaking in almost a dozen different languages – and his linguistic talent has paid off.

A travel blogger who identifies as Venus GWC was visiting Ta Prohm temple in Angkor Wat, Cambodia earlier this month when she started chatting with some of the young street vendors who were selling their wares.

Though she spoke with several different kids, she was especially captivated by a boy named Thaksin who claimed that he could speak in at least a dozen languages – and after Venus started recording him with her phone, he went on to prove it.

At the start of the video, Thaksin switches from speaking Cantonese to French. Then, he continues their conversation in Japanese, Mandarin, Thai, Malay, Filipino, English, and Spanish. He even added that he can speak in German, Korean, and Hainanese.

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Thaksin says that he is selling knick-knacks on the street so he can one day go to school – although he apparently learned a lot of his languages simply by speaking to tourists.

After Venus shared the video to Facebook, it was viewed millions of times. According to the South China Morning Post, Beijing-based television network took particular interest in a part of the clip where Thaksin starts singing a popular Chinese song called “We’re Different” – except he cleverly changed the lyrics from “we are here waiting for you” to “we are here selling things for you”.

The TV station is now financing an all-expenses paid 3-day vacation for Thaksin and his family to visit China for a singing audition. If he nails the audition, he could land a singing contract.

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Additionally, the Cambodian Red Cross volunteered to pay for Thaksin and his siblings to attend school, according to K01 News. They have also given food and supplies to the boy’s family.

Venus, meanwhile, hopes that Thaksin becomes an example of how people can help children in the future.

“I feel grateful that his video gone viral,” Venus wrote in her Facebook post. “It might creates more awareness to people there are kids still struggle to live their life everyday.

(WATCH the amazing video below) – Photo by Venus Gwc

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