These neighborhood pals are proving that friendship and determination can overcome all kinds of barriers – even fences.

Two toddlers and their canine buddy are going viral after one of their mothers posted a video of the kids playing catch with the dog through a hole in the fence.

Sometime last year, 3-year-old Landon Richter discovered that if he threw a ball over to the neighbor’s yard, Dozer the Labrador retriever would poke his head through a gap in the divider and drop the ball back into the boy’s yard.

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Ever since that fateful discovery, Landon and Dozer have played hundreds of games of catch from their respective homes in Savage, Minnesota.

Landon’s 2-year-old friend Conway has also grown fond of playing fetch with the eager pup.

The video of the mini sports team in action has melted the hearts of millions of users since it was uploaded last month – and based on the footage, it’s easy to see why.

(WATCH the cute clip below or our international viewers can watch it on the CBS News website)

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