Despite not being a very good swimmer, this police constable did not hesitate to risk his own life in order to save another.

A man was in danger of drowning when he fell off of a bridge and into the freezing fast-moving waters of River Irwell in Bury this Saturday.

Police Constable Mohammed Nadeem, who had already been on the scene, immediately made the 8-foot jump into the water so he could rescue the man. The student officer’s bodycam captured harrowing footage of the entire incident.

Even though he was weighed down by his gear, Nadeem says that he was able to grab the distressed man and haul him to the side of the river where they were later pulled out by his fellow officers of the Greater Manchester Police Department.

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Nadeem later told the BBC: “I can’t swim. I’m not a good swimmer at all and having all the extra body gear was very hard but somehow I got to him… and we got to the side and waited for help.

“It was very dangerous but I just had to go in… seeing this man drowning I just couldn’t wait.”

According to Nadeem’s superintendent, the young officer is now being called “The Hoff” by his cohorts as an affectionate homage to David Hasselhoff’s character on the “Baywatch” TV show.

(WATCH footage of the rescue below)

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