Most people who are confronted by a knife-wielding stranger aren’t able to keep their cool – but Officer Anirut Malee has become the definition of cool.

A desperate man carrying a large blade walked into the Huay Kwang Police Station in Bangkok, Thailand last Saturday.

Closed circuit camera footage shows Malee calmly talking to the man, and gesturing towards the knife. The details of the dialogue are unknown, but after about twenty seconds of conversation, the man hands the knife over.

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Rather than arresting the assailant, Malee tosses the knife aside and wraps the man up in a bear hug.

The police officer later explained that the man was a musician and security guard who had fallen on hard times. Though it is unclear as to what he was trying to accomplish with the knife, Malee says that the 46-year-old had just endured the theft of his guitar and withholding of his paycheck for three days, which was “stressing him out”.

Malee offered his sympathy, and said that he would give the man his own guitar. They also agreed to go get lunch together sometime.

The man was then taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation. No charges were filed against him.

(WATCH the video below)

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