It was an ordinary Sunday at the North Reading Police Department when a woman rushed into the building and said that her puppy had stopped breathing.

The woman, Megan Vitale, said that her 9-week-old Saint Bernard puppy named Bodhi had gotten a piece of food lodged in its throat. When her acquaintance brought the dog into the station, it was limp and unresponsive.

Several officers rushed out from around the counter and started giving the pup back blows and chest compressions.

After ten harrowing minutes of emergency resuscitation procedures, the obstruction finally became dislodged and the dog started breathing again.

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The Massachusetts officers gave the puppy some oxygen before its owners took it to a veterinarian for treatment.

“Ultimately, a life was saved thanks to rescuers falling back on their training and remaining calm. Even though we are not faced with this kind of incident every day, the officers reacted just as they would in any emergency situation,” said police department Chief Murphy. “We are hopeful that the puppy will make a full recovery.”

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