When a man in a wheelchair approached a barbershop in hopes of getting a haircut, this barber was not about to turn him down just because their building was not wheelchair-accessible.

Victor Burgos is a barber at Joe’s Upscale Barber Shop in Webster, New York. Earlier this week, he was working at the shop when he noticed a man in an electric wheelchair out in front of the store.

The shop phone rang and Burgos heard an electronically-assisted voice asking if they accepted walk-ins – and he knew that it had to be the man outside.

Burgos, who has worked at the barbershop for the last three and a half years, says that because they’re based out of an older building, it has not yet been made wheelchair-accessible.

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Instead of turning the man away, however, Burgos grabbed his tools and offered to give the man a haircut right there on the sidewalk.

“He definitely needed a haircut,” Burgos told Inside Edition. “It looked like he hadn’t had a haircut in about a month. It was pretty shaggy [and] I know how good it feels to get that weight off of you. I could tell that he’s never had a good experience. I could tell without even asking him, and I just wanted to change it for him.”

As it turned out, his efforts were a success. The man was so pleased by Burgos’s attitude and skill, he later sent his aide to the same shop for a haircut of his own.

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Social media users have praised Burgos for the gesture after a fellow barber secretly snapped some photos of the haircut. Joe Cocozza, the owner of the shop, made sure to praise Burgos as well by publishing the pictures on Facebook.

“I wasn’t there, but a few days ago at the shop we had a man in a wheelchair come to the shop on a recommendation,” wrote Cocozza. “I couldn’t be happier when I was told this story. I couldn’t be happier to work and know a person of such kind nature as Victor. I’m proud to know that even when I’m not around our staff will go out of their way. Just to make someone happy!!

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“He did not have to do this,” he continued. “Vic is one of our busiest barbers and is always busy. So Vic thank you for being that guys and not only always proving what type of person you are, but also being a CLASS ACT and bringing class to Joe’s Upscale Barber Shop. Vic had no idea these pics were even taken.”

Furthermore, the photos have inspired community members to rally together and buy a ramp for the barbershop in the future.

(WATCH the interview below)

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