A Texas mother-of-two is praising a fellow mom for coming to her rescue during a grocery shopping trip earlier this week.

Rebecca Paterson was browsing the aisles of Target in Pearland last week when both her 2-month-old and her 2-year-old children started having meltdowns at the same time, which she described as the obvious signal for “It’s time to leave Target immediately.”

Instead of having to cut her shopping short, however, another shopper named Tiffany Jones-Guillory saw the mom in distress and offered to hold Paterson’s 2-year-old and walk with them through the aisles.

Grateful for the reprieve, Paterson accepted the woman’s offer to help. As Paterson calmed her infant and finished her shopping, Jones-Guillory soothed the toddler until he had sufficiently calmed down.

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Paterson was so touched by the woman’s compassion during her time of need, she snapped a photo of Jones-Guillory holding the toddler and posted it to a private Facebook group for Pearland moms.

“She walked with me while I got the essentials needed for the day and kept hold of my toddler while he calmed down,” Rebecca said in the Facebook post. “She saved me today, moms!!! I am so sleep deprived and was running on empty. A little kindness and understanding goes a long way.”

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According to Chron, Jones-Guillory said: “I was just trying to do something nice from mom to mom, because I’ve been in that situation before.

“I heard how frustrated she was, and I wanted to be her guardian angel on that day. I’m just hoping and praying that more people can be inspired by this story to do the same thing.”

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  1. The Mom Code of Ethics:
    1. Keep all kids safe- no matter whose kid they are
    2. Keep all kids fed- no matter whose kid they are (no age limit- we’re all somebody’s kid)
    3. Keep all MOMS SANE- no matter whose MOM they are (most critical of the three!)

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