Despite being separated form its heartbroken owner, the pen was in good hands – Bertani made sure it was given its own pencil carrier for whenever it was not co-mingling with its less fancy colleagues.

Thankfully, Bertani’s friends and Facebook community rose to the occasion as only social media users can do. After a flurry of shares, comments, and posts, they eventually found the owner: a lawyer named Patrick who lived in New Orleans.

“We had a lovely chat! He of course started with ‘how in the heck did you track me down?!’ I told him the whole story. He doesn’t have Facebook, but I texted him the photos and his wife is going to friend me today so they can enjoy all the comments.

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“He loved the story and said that we have restored his faith in humanity. He also said I am the ‘personification of perseverance’ which… not at all true, but maybe only with these things.”

Bertani was eventually able to send the precious pen back to its rightful owner. Not only that, but one month after reuniting Patrick with his pen, she received a package in the mail containing a new fancy pen of her own.

“It contained a lovely note on his fancy stationery, including the line ‘… I could not stand the thought of you going through life without at least one fancy pen so I bought you one of my favorites.’”

While it remains to be seen whether Bertani and Patrick will be fancy pen pals, they plan on meeting up for drinks an Po’boys the next time that she is back in Louisiana.

She told Good News Network: “I will definitely be calling him when I’m in New Orleans next so we can get together with our families and have dinner.”

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